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The following are five key area that we see that most employers need help with.  These are key OSHA issues.  There are many other OSHA issues that an employer must address, and we certainly help with a wide variety of services; too numerous to list.


Employee Right to know AKA Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) is required for all businesses who use chemicals in a greater amount than a residential house would use.  A written plan and training of employees is required.  One of the biggest keys to a proper HAZCOM plan is a chemical inventory and organization of the material safety data sheets (MSDS).  The purpose of HAZCOM is to inform the employees of the hazards of the chemicals they are using.


Personal Protection Equipment plan is required just like HAZCOM.  PPE is a written plan that assesses each of the tasks the employees complete and outline the type of safety equipment is needed to protect them from exposure (not necessarily from chemicals).  Training is required under the law so the employees know how to use the equipment properly.


An important written plan that prevents moving or energized parts from mutilating or killing an employee.  This is a detailed written plan and assessment that looks at each potential source, describes the lock out tag out procedures and where to lock out/tag out each source.  Several layers of training must be completed as well as yearly documentation.


Each employer must assess any confined space and determine if a permit is required for entry.  The permit is a process completed in house to verify that any hazardous conditions such as lack of oxygen, explosive atmosphere etc. are not or will not be present.  A written plan as well as a permit is developed.  Training is required for the employees.


If a hazard assessment outlined in the PPE plan indicates that an employee voluntarily can wear a respirator, or is required to wear a respirator, a separate plan is required.  Also, an employer paid medical exam of the employee must be conducted yearly to ensure that they are physically fit to use a respirator.

OSHA Compliance