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For those who do not know who Pipp (Wally) was, he was the first baser who lost his starting role in Major League Baseball to Lou Gehrig. But that’s not important here... A PIPP is a Pollution Incident Prevention Plan and deals with the storage of polluting material such as salt, oil or other chemicals that can harm groundwater or surface water.

A PIPP should not be confused with an SPCC which stands for Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan. An SPCC regulates oil in an off-shore or on shore vessel, such as a tank. You may be required to develop an SPCC if the capacity to store exceeds 1320 gallons of total above ground storage, or 42,000 gallons of underground storage of an oil based product. The site also must have a connection to surface water through a ditch, sewer, river etc. One of the big differences between a PIPP and SPCC is that the SPCC is submitted to the USEPA for their review.

Confused as to the difference? Call us at 269-927-2434 and we will use our special decoder ring to help you sort through the regulation and see if either plan is applicable to your situation.