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Most residential environmental issues evolve around trying to keep nature out of the house, but at the same time trying to live off it.  We do not want water to enter the house unless we control it.  Yet, the water we want in our house, we want clean.

If you think you have contamination in your drinking water, call your local county health department. 

Some of the services that we do perform for residential are:

Mold inspections – do your homework first.  Mold needs water to grow, can you eliminate the water?

Heating Oil tanks – Is your tank old?  Not in use? Or buying a house with an old tank?  We can help

METH – If you are unfortunate to own a home where someone cooked meth, we can guide you through the clean up and sampling

Asbestos – Renovating or demolishing and want to protect your lungs – call us!

Before you call, do your home work, research our site and the rest of the internet. is a great starting place for most issues.  Although we try to give residential customers a price break, it is still expensive.