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-Surveys and assessments


-Three year AHERA inspections

-Project Management Services

-Air monitoring during removal


Indoor Air Quality

-Site Inspections

-Diagnostic Review

-Assessment and Solutions

-Air and Bulk Testing

-Cleanup design/Work Plan



-Computer modeling

-Extracting wells

-Well installation and development

-Aquifer testing and characterization

-Subsurface contamination investigation

-RCRA groundwater monitoring

-Waste Stream Analysis

-Groundwater resource development

-Limnology Studies

-Soil testing and data interpretation

OSHA Compliance and Training

-Right to know


-Personal Protective Equipment

-Respirator Plan

-Confined Space

-Refresher and Initial Training

Site Investigation

-Soil Borings

-Monitor Wells

-Soil gas sampling

-Waste characterization

-Contaminant delineations

-Clean up design & operations

Environmental and Related Audits

-ISO 14001 Assistance

-Lead-based Paint testing

-Indoor air quality studies

-Heating oil tank/UST testing

-PCB testing

-Regulatory compliance (MDEQ MIOSHA)

-Storm water and SPCC

-Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP)

-Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

-Environmental Training

-USEPA, MDEQ, and NIOSHA compliance

-Clean Air Act assistance

-Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

-Feasibility studies and financial analysis

-Remedial Investigations

-Industrial hygiene

-Hazardous Chemical Management

-Risk management plans

-Clearance Testing

-Real Estate Disclosure

-HUD assessment

-Design Services

Property Transactions

-ASTM standards

-Site assessments

-Baseline Environmental Assessments

-Brownfield Redevelopment

-Record Review/search

-UST assessment

-Phase I and II ESA

Storage Tanks

-UST removal design

-Product recovery

-Leak detection investigation

-Remedial programs

-UST A/B Operator

-UST C Operator Training

Environmental Assessments



-All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI)

-Due Care

Villa Environmental Consultants, Inc., provides environmental consulting and design services to a wide variety of industrial, commercial, institutional, insurance, financial and private sector clients. Villa Environmental Consultants, Inc., provides clients with cost-effective solutions to environmental, regulatory, remedial design, an underground tank site clean up, indoor air, asbestos, lead, and hazardous and solid waste problems. 

We provide feasibility investigations, assessments, reports, site testing and other related environmental clean up and new system installation design services.  Our experienced staff has expertise in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

The consulting and training services available from the environmental professionals at Villa Environmental Consultants, Inc., is diverse and a more detailed overview of specific services include the following: