With the right mix of soil, water and vegetation, the government may limit what you can do with your property.  A wetland serves an important purpose in our ecosystem; they help filter the groundwater to surface water and act, in many cases as flood plains.

We offer several wetland services:

A WETLAND DETERMINATION is a site visit to determine if a wetland is on site.  Site specific data is collected to make the conclusion.  A determination does out define the extent of the wetland.

A WETLAND DELINEATION actually flags the perimeter of the wetland and is much more costly than a determination.  The state of Michigan competes against consultants to complete delineations.  We will be honest with you as to when to hire them or us for the service.

A WETLAND Survey is simply a review of government databases to see the potential for a wetland.  More than likely the need for either a determination, or delineation would be concluded.

We also help people through the wetland application to fill.  It is difficult to receive a permit to fill a wetland or even a portion of the wetland – the right project, however has a chance to get a permit.  Its complex and may involve a multi-disciplinary approach.

Please contact us if you have a wetland issue at 269-927-2434 or lleonardi@villaenv.com


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